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“We are known for our unique sheen and shine according to our ground-breaking nano-ceramic coating technique.”

The Blue Star Car Detailing Nano Ceramic Coatings have a high shine, are scratch and water-resistant, and are incredibly long-lasting. We only place our name on the most significant goods available! The most cutting-edge long-term protective care technology for your car is our ceramic paint coats. When applied and allowed to cure, Blue Star Car Detailing Nano Ceramic Coating protects your car from UV radiation, environmental factors, and scratches.

Blue Star Car Detailing Nano Ceramic Coating enhances and protects more than just your vehicle’s finish. It can be used on surfaces made of glass, plastic, metal, chrome, vinyl graphics, fiberglass, carbon fiber, and leather to protect the inside of your car. Our ceramic coatings are exactly designed for both on- and off-road vehicles, including RVs, ATVs, tractors, boats, motorcycles, snowmobiles, watersports, aviation, guns, helmets, and more.

Ceramic Coating

Get Your Vehicle The Best Protection Available

Blue Star Car Detailing Nano Ceramic Coating offers outstanding water-cleaning and dirt-repelling features for your car.

Nano ceramic coating benefits:

  • Extreme Scratch and Chip Resistance: 9H Hardness.
  • Advanced Hydrophobic Super Protective Application
  • Deep Color Mirror Effect with Ultra-Glossy Appearance.
  • Auto-Cleaning Structures Extended Durability is provided.
  • Reduced Maintenance Due to Dirt-Repelling Qualities.
  • Years of Defense Against Corrosion and Pollution
  • Defends against acid rain, oxidation, and UV damage.
  • Endures extreme heat up to 1400 degrees F.
  • Available Lifetime Warranty.
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Nano Ceramic Coating

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Ceramic shield, 9H

The Blue Star Car Detailing Nano Ceramic Coating, which has a hardness of better than 9H, was specially developed for superior scratch and chip resistance, UV protection, and corrosion avoidance. Our state-of-the-art ceramic coating for automobiles can withstand temperatures of up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit while “bonding” firmly to the paint and other surfaces of the vehicle. The coating is a multi-layered, liquid application that is crystal clear. By adding additional layers, the coating thickness can be increased to provide thicker, more durable multi-layered lifetime protection.

Modern Protective Care

For long-term preventive protection of your vehicle, the newest and most sophisticated super-hydrophobic coating, Blue Star Car Detailing Nano Ceramic Coating, beads and sheds water. With the help of our ceramic coating, your car will always be shiny and protected from tar, brake dust, and other contaminants from sticking to the paint, wheels, trim, and glass. Once applied, you won’t ever need to wax your automobile again, and washing it will be simpler and maintain its look.

Less Maintenance

Less maintenance is needed because of Blue Star Car Detailing Nano Ceramic Coating’s dirt-repelling features. You’ll find that it’s simpler to preserve a like-new gloss and shine on your automobile using Blue Star Car Detailing Nano Ceramic Coating. Regular waxing will no longer be required because our ceramic coatings are also self-cleaning. When properly maintained, your car’s finish will shine for many years after having our ceramic coatings done.

Years Of Protection

The Blue Star Car Detailing Nano Ceramic Coating offers improved protection for your car’s water-cleaning and dirt-repelling properties with a two-year, five-year, or lifetime warranty. Your car’s finish will stay shiny for many years to come with little maintenance, helping to keep its resale value high. Our automotive ceramic coating will enhance, safeguard, and keep the original safety.

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