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Frequently Asked Questions

It's a great idea of using ceramic paint to provide your car with an additional layer of defense. Whatever your goals are, the ceramic coating may help you realize them all. It can give your vehicle a deep gloss, make washing more accessible, and protect it against chemical stains, damaging UV rays, and bird droppings.

At Blue Star Car Detailing , we exclusively employ ceramic coatings from Owner's Pride, which provides your vehicle with a high-quality, durable ceramic coating. When maintained properly, ceramic coatings typically last between two and four years. The layer will continue to look beautiful and shield your paint from the elements as long as you have your car routinely washed and decontaminated by a competent detailer. However, if you don't maintain it properly, it could start to seem dull and chalky.

Blue Star Car Detailing Owner's Pride ceramic coatings offer long-lasting protection for your car. Your car will be better protected from the elements because of the ceramic silica composition of the SiC coating, which chemically reacts with the clear coat of the vehicle to make a strong bond.

If the windows are rolled down too rapidly after installation, the tint may come out. In this instance, based on the circumstances, we can redo the windows for a fair price or for free. You may prevent this by leaving your windows open for at least two to four days.

Many people mistake scratches or streaks in window tint for a film fault. However, the weather stripping on a car could be to blame for this. The stripping surrounding your windows is lined with fuzzy, felt-like material. When you raise and lower windows, this captures debris. While some cars just have the exterior lined, others have both sides. The dirt or other debris might harm the film when the windows are rolled up or down.

Remember to pay attention to your seatbelts once you've had your windows tinted! If you don't take care when removing your seat belt, it may swing around and strike your window. Each time this happens, the tint gets chipped. Once the window tint is in place, make sure to properly unbuckle.

The urethane used to create the paint protection layer is essentially undetectable. Any painted surface that needs defense against stone chips, minor scratches, and other road debris can benefit from its application. Some movies have excellent stain resistance and self-healing capabilities.