What is the Best Way to Apply Nano Ceramic Coating at Home?

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What is the Best Way to Apply Nano Ceramic Coating at Home?

The latest developments in the automotive surface protection industry have led to excellent technology that provides the paintwork of the automobile with long-lasting protection. When compared to the conventional methods of paint sealants or car waxes, nano ceramic coatings provide a dependable and higher level of protection for the paint of the car.

They have become a great alternative for folks who are tired of routinely covering or applying vehicle wax to their precious possession. Car waxes normally last three months on average, but Nano Ceramic Coatings can endure for several years with the right maintenance.
You must repair the ceramic coating after a few years if it is damaged or torn to protect the paintwork of your car. Finding the perfect company or person to help them in this process can be very difficult for many people. If you’re one of those people who finds it difficult to leave their automobile at the stores. I have good news to share with you!

You no longer need to rely on car mechanics to take care of even the smallest problem with your car. You can service your automobile now without spending hundreds of dollars on a professional. You did read that right, I assure you. You may apply

Steps for Applying Nano Ceramic Coating at Home

Here are all the steps you need to follow to apply nano ceramic coating at home. Now let’s explore them:

Maintain the Paint on Your Car

Road grit, sand, and dirt are quickly absorbed by automotive paint. The effectiveness of the new ceramic coating is harmed by these particles. You should clean your car with a high-quality foam canon if you want the best results. Carry two buckets: one for cleaning the vehicle and the other for washing it. When whitewashing the car, work your way down from the top because the lower panel typically has more dirt, grit, and grime from the road.

Decide to seek chemical decontamination

Use tar remover, good bug, and iron filing-based products, and iron filing to eliminate the damaging iron deposits. Iron-filled products undergo a color shift, letting you know when they have been thoroughly washed off the automobile. Additionally, use a clay bar and clay bar lubricant to remove any sort of leftover impurities from your car.

Apply polishing

It is essential to make sure that your car’s paint is clean and smooth before putting a fresh coat of Nano Ceramic Coating on it. clear and flawless As you are aware, the ceramic coating creates a tight link with the automobile’s surface, sealing any pollutants that may be present. As a result, your new car coating and paintwork will be impacted. Consequently, you need to apply a polishing finish to get rid of any kind of scratches or swirls. Your car will have a superb sheen after polishing. You will need to utilize a machine if your car has several scratches. Compound polishing for complete mark removal.

IPA Spray Wipe

Spray an isopropyl alcohol solution on the car’s surface to remove any remaining polishing oils, and then wipe it off with a high-quality cloth. This step will assist you in making sure that the ceramic coating and the car’s paintwork are perfectly bonded.

Use Nano Ceramic Coating

Wrap the applicator around the foam block you are holding. Shake the bottle carefully before applying the nano ceramic coating. Then, make a line of the coating on the applicator and work in 2 by 2 portions. using left to right and up to down strokes, apply the coating. Allow the coating to dry, but do not leave it alone for too long because the ceramic coating product will flash after 25 to 30 seconds. Because the SiD2 absorbed in the towel can dry up and harm the paint of the car if it is used again, remove it using a high-quality microfiber towel before using it once more for your automobile.

Give Curing Time

Keep your car in a dry, cool environment for 13 to 16 hours after you are finished applying nano ceramic coating. Keep your car away from dampness, rain, dust, and humidity Make careful to keep your vehicle away from water during this period. If the weather is not too dusty or humid, park your car in the sun. This will speed up the car’s drying process and aid the ceramic coating in forming a solid bond with the surface of the vehicle.